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The Importance of Having High-Quality Medical Procedure Carts

Everhutch 7 Oct 2022

They may seem a simple, minor part of a medical setting, but procedure carts are actually vital to ensuring a high quality of care. Having effective procedure carts allows for the safe, hygienic storage of wide variety of medical equipment, and for its easy transport between rooms and patients. A high quality procedure cart improves outcomes not just for patients, but also for staffs.

What is a procedure cart?

At its most basic, a procedure cart is a storage and transportation device for medical equipment. It can have different, often adjustable combinations of shelves, drawers and containers and will generally include various features to maintain cleanliness and hygiene as well as security measures to ensure that dangerous items are protected. EVERHUTCH offers premium quality procedure carts backed by a life time warranty that are designed to serve the widest variety of clinical situations.

Also, there are more specialized, such as a crash cart for handling emergencies when a patient is near to death. Procedure carts can be used in any medical setting: doctor’s practice, hospital, care home, clinic, rehab, psychiatric facility and other places.

Why are high-quality procedure carts so important?

The equipment stored in procedure carts is important, so of course, the storage facility is important too. If you want your medical equipment to be safe, to have a sterile environment, to be protected from bumps and spills, to guard against theft, then you need a cart that is easy to keep clean and secure. The materials and maintenance process could make all the difference to its effectiveness.

Sometimes procedure carts need to remain secure and stable in one location whilst healthcare staffs carry out procedures on a specific patient. Sometimes they need to be swiftly moved from room to room. Generally, this means locking casters that are maneuverable when necessary but can also be fixed in place. As most healthcare environments are busy, the cart needs to be resilient enough to stand up to all kinds of knocks.

Properly designed procedure carts do not just protect patients by ensuring they have access to appropriate care. They also improve things for staff. It is staff who have to move the cart around without pulling a muscle or running over their own feet, it is staff who have to work around sharp objects and infectious diseases and need protective equipment to keep themselves safe, it is staff who have to maintain good hygiene practices, much easier when the cart is made of the right materials.

Ensuring that only the right people have access to procedure carts when they are loaded with drugs, syringes and other potentially dangerous items that could be targeted by thieves means having adequate security measures. Good carts give you options, from physical keys to electronic keypads to a combination of features.

When procedure carts serve such an important role in different healthcare settings, it is vital that they are high quality. That is how you protect the safety of both patients and staff so that everyone receives the best possible care.

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