CORECART Accessories

We understand that a procedure cabinet is the backbone of any clinical environment. Hence we have created an entire range of corecart accessories so that you don’t miss anything in your procedure cabinet.

Our corecart accessories are designed to make the work of healthcare professionals more efficient, organized, and comfortable. From catheter racks and drawer dividers to slopped tops and label holders, we have everything that you need to help you use this cabinet storage efficiently.

Our corecart accessories will help both healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians make the most of the procedure cabinet. Choose from our extensive range of accessories and create a customized procedure cabinet storage solution that suits your clinical or surgical needs.

At EVERHUTCH, we are consistently committed to providing our customers with the finest products and adequate services. Our experts are extremely good with skills like attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. So, if you’re looking for accessories that match your procedure cabinet perfectly, EVERHUTCH’s corecart accessories are the best solution for you.

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Download accessories Borshure 

2 inch basket2″ Tray & Dividers – Light Grey




4 inch tray4″ Tray & Dividers – Light Grey





8 inch tray8″ Tray & Dividers – Light Grey






4 inch4” Basket & Dividers – Light Grey






8 inch8” Basket & Dividers – Light Grey





label holderLabel Holder










tray stop



Tray Stop System




Sloped Top



hand entering pin for securityLock Option








catheter rackCatheter Rack





corecart shelvesMetal Shelf