Kinds of Specialty Medical Carts

Rebecca Nagy 27 Sep 2021

The delivery of quality healthcare depends on easy access to the right instruments and supplies. Specialty mobile medical carts and medical storage cabinets are at the front lines of this access. From emergency carts to isolation carts, EVERHUTCH offers a wide selection of medical and procedure carts to meet any acute storage need. EVERHUTCH empowers […]

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This blog post was written with John Schneider, Powder/Lab Coordinator. He has worked at Kewaunee for 21 years. The colors that we choose when designing a lab can have a huge impact on the feel of a space. Whether palettes are chosen to inspire innovation or to reflect brand identity, customers want the colors they […]

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5 Considerations in Acute Care Storage

Rebecca Nagy 5 Aug 2021

Space Square footage is a hot commodity in any industry, and hospital storage is not different. With the rising prices in real estate – especially in growing cities – facility managers and administrators must make the most of the space that they have. When expansion is not possible or feasible, it’s important to be thoughtful […]

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5 Must-Haves in a Procedure Cart

Rebecca Nagy 19 Jul 2021

Procedure carts are an integral part of healthcare storage. Whether they are being used as an anesthesia cart in an operating room or a code cart in an emergency room, procedure carts may be one of the most important tools nurses and healthcare workers use each day. For this reason, purchasing the right procedure cart […]

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After a year riddled with pandemic-related interruptions in the global supply chain, there’s a renewed spotlight on American manufacturing. But at Kewaunee, American manufacturing has always been…

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EVERHUTCH is a new healthcare brand of Kewaunee Scientific. With a suite of…

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Ultimate Guide to Slope Tops

Everhutch 23 Nov 2020

What is a slope top? And why is it important? A Slope top is an angular cap that is placed…

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