Procedure Workbench

EVERHUTCH is the leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of the procedure workbench in the USA. EVERHUTCH utilizes over a century of global expertise from Kewaunee, a worldwide leader in laboratory, healthcare, and technical furniture products.

Whether your requirement is for a procedure back-table bench or a procedure corebench, EVERHUTCH can work with you to provide vital medical equipment that optimizes efficiency, productivity, and patient care in any medical setting. EVERHUTCH is the leading provider of the medical core bench in the USA, produced to meet the most stringent of quality standards. EVERHUTCH products revolutionize the way that professionals work and provide care, with a fully moveable surgery cart that can be transferred across departments and directly to the point of care delivery, optimizing a patient’s hospital experience.

EVERHUTCH procedure carts are fully configurable and available with a range of accessories to suit the ever-changing needs and demands of even the busiest healthcare settings.


This procedure back-table bench brings surgical supplies to the point of care, increasing procedure efficiency and maximizing your procedure room storage. These cabinets can store, peel packs, disposables, and other essentials right where you need them, at the point of care. 

The CORE BENCH was designed specifically for use in the healthcare industry. The storage accepts the same tray system from CORE CART. and comes with a solid .75” thick Stainless Steel or Phenolic worktop perfect for durability and infection control.