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Medical Cabinet With Locking & Adjustable Trays

drawer in core cart

Adjustable Trays, Baskets, and Shelves

Configure your own procedure cart.

The cell storage system was specifically designed for use in the healthcare industry. This high-quality logistic system is ISO 3394 standardized and can be used in all departments of the hospital. Because of the adaptability of its components, this system allows customers to find the optimal solution that answers their specific needs while saving space when comparison to more traditional shelving systems.


Catheter Rackscatheter rack in core cart

Cath labs are a critical area for preparing patients for heart-related surgery. These options of catheter racks turn CORECART into the perfect procedure cabinet for the cath lab. Catheter racks allow the procedure cabinet to safely and securely store catheters and anything else needed in a cath lab.

The 2 Bay and 3 Bay configurations of the cart provide storage for any other essential cath lab supplies such as guide wires or other boxed supplies.

Slope Topslope top of core cart

Slope tops on EVERHUTCH mobile procedure cabinets can be easily added and removed – making it an essential feature for the mobile and flexible nature of healthcare today.

This simple solution can eliminate clutter, increase safety, and mitigate liability.

keypad on locking cabinetKeyed and Electronic Locks

Safely store your supplies while having locking options.

This procedure cart is available with multiple lock options including a keyed lock, electronic keypad, and electronic keypad with a proximity card reader with two frequencies.



wheels of core cart5″ Swivel Locking Casters

Mobility is essential in the healthcare environment in the future. The ability to adapt a room for the most pressing needs will be an advantage to any healthcare provider and their patients. CORECART procedure carts come equipped with four swivel locking casters for ease of movement.



handles on corecartBrushed Aluminum Handles

Mobility and adaptability is key in today’s healthcare environment. The brushed aluminum handles of the CORECART maximize maneuverability, especially when paired with the smooth swivel locking casters.