STATCART: Configurable Procedure Cart Collection

statcarts with accessories

This procedure cart was specifically designed for patients and caregivers in mind.

Defining crash cart features promote infection control, adaptability, and durability. STATCART standard sizes and options in drawers and trays were made to be compatible with existing procedure carts on the market today. This compatibility creates uniformity and allows hospitals to easily upgrade their cart without the need to update protocols. STATCART is quickly adaptable to meet the demands of different departments with its efficient equipment management rail system.

Due to the adaptability of its components, this system allows customers to find the optimal solution to answer specific clinical needs. Available with multiple lock options including a key lock, electronic keypad and electronic keypad with proximity card reader. The locking system can also be set up to offer dual credential unlocking. The cart is easily maneuvered around on plate-mounted swivel and locking casters.
This high-quality storage system is manufactured and sourced in the USA and can withstand any demanding healthcare environment.


Configurable Procedure Cart Collection

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specialty carts

EVERHUTCH specialty carts are available preconfigured for use as a code cart, anesthesia cart, procedure cart or isolation cart. The durable steel cart safely and securely stores all of the essentials. Effectively organize each piece of equipment or medication. Spend less time searching for equipment and more time treating patients.

UV Clean

UV-CLEAN by Proximity is the award-winning, automated device that provides no-touch ultraviolet disinfection with UV-C light, the most germicidal ultraviolet light. This strong and safe device efficiently inactivates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on high touch surfaces. With this small, yet powerful device, you can say goodbye to microorganisms and take the fear out of using dirty surfaces.



Choose from the thoughtfully curated suite of accessories assembled by EVERHUTCH. All accessories are compatible with this cart’s rail management system.

Paladin accessory basket