Save Time and Money on Sterilization with EVERHUTCH Procedure Carts

Everhutch 25 Sep 2022

When patients are experiencing illness or recovering from surgery, they are at their most vulnerable. Maintaining a strict infection control routine plays a key role in keeping both patients and healthcare providers healthy and safe

Comprehensive infection control procedures require a high level of attention to detail, which can be costly both monetarily and in terms of the amount of time it takes to complete to the highest possible standard. However, the type of equipment a healthcare provider invests in can make a significant difference to both of these factors.

When looking for a Procedure cart, Statcart Saves Time and Money

EVERHUTCH procedure carts have been thoughtfully designed without unnecessary holes or extrusions to ensure that they are easy and efficient to clean. Prefabricated products often contain myriad extrusions and holes, which are both prone to collecting bacteria and notoriously difficult to clean thoroughly.

EVERHUTCH procedure carts are also available with a wide range of removable drawer trays, bins and holders, all of which can be cleaned effectively and efficiently. Additionally, EVERHUTCH trays have been designed to fit a selection of other procedure carts that are available on the market, which will allow you to upgrade your equipment without being forced to completely alter your procedure cart protocol.

As a leading procedure cart, statcart by EVERHUTCH has been specifically designed for patients in medical settings and with medical professionals and caregivers in mind. Its versatile design and wide range of adaptable components mean that it is able to meet the demands of everyone within healthcare settings in terms of stability, durability, and cleanliness.

Achieve Optimal Versatility and Maximum Cleanliness

Whether you need a procedure cart to hold IV start kits, oxygen masks, medication, PPE or syringes, and you need to equip a dental office, residential care facility, acute care hospital, physician office, or urgent care department, EVERHUTCH carts have the versatility to meet the demanding needs of all healthcare settings.

All EVERHUTCH, carts can be cleaned with ease because the number of areas on each cart that have the potential to accumulate are vastly reduced due to the full-body welded design. This means that whatever demands you face every day, your procedure cart will adapt to those changing needs. This will enable you to work as efficiently as possible and focus fully on delivering the highest quality patient care.

Efficient Cleaning and Sterilization

Ultimately, it is the movability of procedure carts that makes them an attractive option for all kinds of medical settings. However, this simply wouldn’t be the case if they contained countless bacteria-collecting areas that could quickly see the spread of viruses and infections to vulnerable patients.

As procedure carts are high-touch surfaces, it is important that they can be efficiently sterilized in a variety of different ways. Notably, the Proximity UV-CLEAN can also be used on the EVERHUTCH statcart, which can efficiently inactivate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria through ultraviolet UV-C light in as little as two minutes.