3 Reasons Why Wheels & Drawers Are Important in a Medical Procedure Cart

Everhutch 14 Sep 2022

The primary consideration when choosing a medical procedure cart is making sure it has the ability to be adaptable, flexible and available for instant use. Two of the main components of any procedure cart are the wheels and drawers and they are vitally important to allow health care providers to maintain a high level of patient care. In a high-pressure medical setting, every second can count and so thorough research is needed to ensure you find the right procedure cart for your clinical needs.

Adaptability Using Adjustable Trays

The situations your medical procedure cart may be used for often change, and you need a solution that is flexible and easily adaptable. Most medical procedure carts have adjustable trays, which mean you can add and remove as many as you need, and position them however you like. Medical equipment which is used more often or needs to be quickly accessible during urgent situations can be positioned at more naturally reachable heights in the cart.

You can also remove the trays to make space for larger equipment such as catheter racks, and efficiently add the trays in a more logical and organized arrangement for more effective, space saving storage. The trays can be opened in an angular way that will give the user more visibility into what’s there in the tray. The adjustable trays also come with stoppers that prevent it from sliding out accidentally.

These features enable you to ‘build’ a cart tailored to your specific needs. If the procedure cart needs a slight change of use, trays that are not needed can be easily switched out and replaced and then reversed later for maximum flexibility.

Maneuverability of the Unit

Medical procedure carts often need to be quickly transported throughout the medical setting. Swivel castor wheels enable 360 degree rotation for easier mobility around corners and over uneven surfaces. Typically large, fully rotating wheels allow for heavier and more awkward loads to be stored in the medical cart and still maintain easy mobility, due to the increased momentum and flexibility of movement. These wheels are easier to move and roll over thresholds and need to be mounted to a study base otherwise could fall off.

Organization of the Contents

Adjustable trays make it easy to keep the contents of your medical  procedure cart organized. Being able to remove the whole tray rather than rummaging in a drawer means you can easily see what equipment and inventory needs replacing, improving admin efficiency. Trays mean that you can see at a glance your stock levels and keep a closer eye on missing items. With clear labeling and consistent organization of these trays, clinicians can easily locate the equipment and medication they need in urgent and time-pressured situations.

Ensuring your equipment has the features to enable fast and efficient patient care is a top priority in medical settings, and streamlined organization, easy maneuverability and flexibility should be primary concerns. You need to make sure your equipment is built for speed, able to be transported quickly and provides access to its contents readily.

USP: The cath racks inside of the carts can easily be adjusted using only two screws: