Uses of Procedure Carts in American Hospitals

Everhutch 28 Jan 2023

Procedure carts, also known as point of care carts, can be used to support a multitude of routine tasks in emergency rooms and hospital wards, helping busy staff manage their workload and deliver patient care.

Benefits of Procedure Carts

1. Lightweight and easy to move:

Thanks to their compact size and lightweight construction, procedure carts are easy to maneuver and won’t get in the way on the wards. They also have locking wheels ensuring they stay securely in place while staff are completing tasks, and pull out handles to increase working space without adding more bulk.

2. Fully configurable:

Whatever your specific requirements, procedure carts can be configured to suit your setting’s needs. This includes adding shelves, boxes, or other accessories.

3. Antimicrobial:

Procedure carts are made from rolled steel and can be easily cleaned to prevent the spread of infection. They also have a special coating that makes them scratch resistant, removing the risk of creating any rough surfaces where germs could live.

4. Made in the USA: 

All EVERHUTCH procedure carts in the USA are made and sourced domestically.

The Uses of Procedure Carts in the USA Healthcare System

Procedure carts have a range of different uses in hospitals settings, including:

1. Completing diagnostic tests:

Procedure carts are ideal when running diagnostic tests, such as taking patients’ temperature or testing blood sugar levels, as they can be easily moved between bays and loaded with the equipment you need. This saves staff from going back and forth to the main supplies cupboard. That means tests can deliver quicker results and diagnosis can be faster.

2. Writing up notes:

Procedure carts can be configured with different features, including a lift up shelf that can act as a desk space. This allows notes to be written straightaway after seeing a patient, making sure that information is easily shared with other medical teams.

3. Changing dressings:

Procedure carts include space for gloves, gowns, and a waste disposal unit, storing everything you need to change dressings. They come complete with several large drawers that can be used to organize everything into separate sections.

4. Administering medication:

Procedure carts can be lockable so they’re designed to store and administer medication without the need to return to a central medicine store. Many come with a number of different locking options, including a standard key lock or electronic keypad. They can also have sharps boxes added to make sure that you can dispose of waste securely.

5. General routine procedures:

Procedure carts are invaluable in helping nurses and healthcare staff to complete routine medical procedures such as inserting catheters and cannulas. They have room to hold gowns, gloves, and masks, as well as equipment and waste boxes.

Other key settings include emergency rooms, trauma centers and operating theaters, in any of which a procedure cart is a valuable piece of equipment to enhance care delivery.

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