Streamlining Surgeries with Procedure Carts

Everhutch 10 Feb 2023

What is a procedure cart?

EVERHUTCH offers the STATCART, a completely versatile, fully customizable, and easily transportable procedure cart. The STATCART is designed to fully streamline surgeries and medical procedures and overhaul outdated working methods, which are not organized, time efficient or conducive to staff productivity. The STATCART can be added to, moved, and reconfigured whenever the needs of the organization or the patient change, especially in busy settings with fast-paced, ever-changing demands.

STATCARTS are constructed in steel for durability and strength and can be color coded dependent on area usage. They are suitable for code, anesthesia, surgical, defibrillation, laboratory, and medical care. Carts come in 2 widths and 4 heights, making them highly versatile regardless of space constraints. Carts have fully accessible drawers in a variety of depths, lockable function for security and a cleverly designed add-on rail management system, allowing wall space to be effectively utilized.

Budget and inventory can be optimized by making sensible purchase options, such as the STATCART. This piece of equipment has longevity and continuity, with its unique ability to be reconfigured and repurposed, depending on the ever-changing needs of a variety of medical settings. There is no need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment for single-use purposes, with a cart that can be adjusted and which is specifically designed to be multi-functional, thereby streamlining service delivery and patient care.

A wide range of accessories can be used with the cart’s rail management system, allowing for completely bespoke configurations of storage and clinical working areas across departments.

UV-clean with proximity is a leading development in infection control technology. Lamps can be used with cart rails, allowing carts and equipment to be disinfected easily using UV-C light, the most effective in ultraviolet decontamination. This is a completely automated, no-touch technology, which is effective at inactivating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in approximately 2 minutes. With infection control measures already built into your workstation, there is less handling and transferring of equipment, less staff time spent dealing with cleaning and more accurate germ control. Viruses add millions of dollars to healthcare bills annually, with 80% being transferred through touch. These sleek, effective add-on units eliminate these risks.

Other available accessories include add-on metal wire storage for oxygen canisters, add-on waste bins and sharps disposal units, defibrillator shelving and acrylic chart holders. Whatever the area of clinical need, the STATCART offers storage solutions and organization of equipment to suit.

What are the advantages of a procedure cart?

Procedure carts future-proof clinical settings by streamlining the space required for multiple equipment items, storage, stock, and instruments. A streamlined approach frees up valuable floor space so that capacity for patient care is maximized and equipment expenditure for the facility is minimized. They increase the effectiveness of infection control practice and allow staff more time to spend with patients delivering care. An organized and efficient space makes for better workflow, decreased bedside inventory, providing higher quality patient care and improved facility margins.