How Prep Pack Workstations Help to Prevent Infections in Hospitals

Everhutch 22 Jan 2023

What is a Prep and Pack Workstation?

A Prep and Pack workstation includes an electronically adjustable desk that can be raised and lowered, together with storage shelves. They are used by a hospital’s Sterile Processing Department (SPD) to sterilize instruments and equipment used in surgeries and certain routine medical interventions. This guarantees that all medical procedures can be carried out as hygienically as possible to reduce the risk of infections to patients and staff.

How do Prep and Pack Workstations help to prevent infections

Infections are a common concern in healthcare settings, including hospitals and nursing homes. Diseases such as Covid, influenza, and norovirus are very easily transmittable through physical contact and air droplets and can have a significant impact on those with a weakened immune system, meaning that patients have to stay in hospital for longer. Infections are also a major contributor to staff sickness and absence.

It’s easy to understand why preventing infections is one of the top priorities for all hospitals. One of the best ways to address the issue is to make sure that the hospital environment, and all equipment used, is as clean as possible. Prep and pack workstations are a great way to help you do this.

1. Easy to use:

Prep and pack workstations have been designed to maximize efficiency by providing an organized space. The handy shelves are different sizes so you can quickly locate items and each has a lip at the front to make sure supplies stay in place if you move the station. They have plenty of capacity to store supplies, a focused light, and a large desk to provide lots of space for working.

EVERHUTCH workstations also have lockable wheels so they can be quickly taken to other areas in a hospital to help reduce the spread of infections by sterilizing equipment in high touch areas. This is especially useful in the case of a breakout of a specific illness, such as flu.

2. Perfect for all staff:

Thanks to their adjustable height, these workstations can be used by any staff member, no matter their height or physical needs, to allow them to complete tasks comfortably. This means that staff can complete more tasks in the same time, helping to meet an increased need for sterilized equipment in the case of an infection.

3. Easy to clean:

EVERHUTCH Prep and Pack workstations are made with a strong metal frame and have two surface options: Kemresin epoxy resin and stainless steel. Both of these materials are easy to clean regularly. The workstation has also been designed and built to have no hard to reach areas where germs could collect. They’re also strong and durable enough to withstand regular cleaning and disinfection.

Prep and Pack workstations are a vital piece of equipment to help prevent the spread of infection in every healthcare setting. You can view the whole range of EVERHUTCH Prep and Pack workstations here on our website.