How to save more space in hospital settings with a procedure cart

Everhutch 20 Sep 2022

Procedure carts perform a critical role in healthcare settings and, as such, must be durable, adaptable and perfectly suited to their environment. In addition to promoting infection control and helping healthcare professionals to streamline the delivery of their services, procedure carts can also play a key role in maximizing the available space in hospital settings.

The versatile features of procedure carts

As procedure carts are so important within medical settings, the most advanced models are equipped with a range of features and customization options that provide the level of versatility busy healthcare professionals need to deliver high-quality care to each patient.

Some of the key features of procedure carts include:

– Various sizes to suit different settings

Crucially, procedure carts are available in a selection of different lengths and widths, with customizable options that allow for a highly precise configuration to suit specific settings and specialties.

– Rail system for advanced equipment management

The most advanced procedure carts have a sophisticated medical equipment management rail system that ensures all components are adaptable enough to cover a selection of highly specialized clinical needs. This feature alone typically makes procedure carts one of the most useful and versatile items within hospital settings. Allowing accessories to be removed with out tools for easy cleaning behind and for reconfiguring. This system is also known as the also know as Fairfield equipment management rail system. 

– Easily movable for optimal practicality and storage

Procedure carts are equipped with casters that can both swivel and lock in place with ease, which allows for easy and efficient maneuvering even in highly compact or crowded spaces. The lock in place mechanism ensures they will remain firmly in place during all procedures and treatments to maximize efficiencies and support the delivery of patient outcomes. This level of maneuverability means that procedure carts can be easily tucked away safely when they are not in-use to maximize floor space but always remain within easy reach should an emergency situation or rapid change of plan arise.

– Complementary accessories and side storage capabilities

One of the main space-saving features of procedure carts is unlocked through the integration of a range of compatible accessories that further enhance its flexibility. These accessories are numerous and varied and include tilt bins for optimal organisation, baskets and utensil cups, hooks, glove box holders, and swing arms with mounting plates.

Other accessories that can be easily incorporated into a procedure cart set-up include chart holders, power strips, side-mounted flip-up shelves and writing surfaces, and rail-mounted waste bins, sharps containers and IV poles.

Organization is critical in medical settings and without a solid rail management system, these important tools and accessories would take up significantly more space than they do when they are securely mounted onto a single procedure cart. The Fairfield equipment rail system keeps everything properly organized and tucked away, which ensures that carts never become too bulky or difficult to maneuver even in highly pressured situations.

Proper space management is highly desirable within a healthcare and hospital setting. That’s why investing in smart procedure carts with a range of versatile storage solutions can be so transformational.