What Lab Grade Prep and Pack Tables Mean?

Everhutch 30 Mar 2023

Prep and pack workstations are the central point for the inspection, assembly and packaging of instruments, ready for sterilization and cleaning. This task is of the utmost importance to patient safety and must be carried out with meticulous detail and attention.

Why lab grade prep and pack workstations are essential

Instruments and equipment must be inspected closely, and it is crucial that a prep and pack table provides the right conditions for this work to be carried out. Workstations must be durable enough to withstand the constant and heavy workflow required.

EVERHUTCH by Kewaunee manufactures to the specification of SEFA, Scientific Equipment & furniture Association. Ensuring that furniture can support the rigors of daily use in a laboratory.

Product finishes are resistant to chemical spills and splashes common in the laboratory environment. High structure strength to support heavy laboratory apparatus, storage containers and heavy instruments. Furniture should interface with the appropriate lab services (plumbing, electrical, communication)

Products are put through vigorous testing:

  • load capacity – Challenges the structural integrity and load bearing capabilities
  • cycle testing-  Demonstrates the durability of the door hinge for reliability and longevity
  • hinge test (200lb) – Demonstrates the durability of the door, door attachment, and its hardware
  • impact testing, Demonstrates the impact resistance of the drawer bottom
  • internal rolling impact test Demonstrates the drawer box assembly’s integrity against a rolling load impact (10lb bar)

 Lab grade is high grade furniture, and this is EVEHUTCH DNA. This is why we back our products with a limited life time warranty, they are built to last and perform. Once you see our products in person you will notice the difference.

Please reach out and book your demo so you can feel the difference.