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3 ways to improve efficiency in procedure cart usage

Everhutch 12 Apr 2023

What Are The Key Factors in Ensuring Efficiency in Care Settings?

In order to achieve the optimum level of patient care, a department must be equipped with the appropriate quantity and standard of supplies, thereby allowing staff to dedicate their time as fully as possible to patients. Time spent searching for supplies, dealing with the poor organization of equipment, or transferring inventory between departments equates to the time spent away from patient-centered care and treatment.

Ensuring that departments have access to high-quality, long-lasting equipment and supplies guarantees a streamlined and cost-effective approach to care. Allocating finances to equipment that is durable, has longevity, and can be easily reconfigured to suit, is a wiser and more effective way of purchasing inventory, freeing up financial resources to be used elsewhere.

How does the EVERHUTCH Procedure Cart Improve Efficiency?

1. High compatibility

The EVERHUTCH cart has trays and inserts that are entirely compatible with existing trays, meaning there is no need for time-consuming changes in protocols or extensive (and expensive) department overhauls. The cart is ready to get to work and immediately provides an upgrade to any existing department storage space and workstations.

Complete with its integrated rail management system, it is quick and easy to configure and curate to the exact specifications and demands of the patient, the caregiver, and the department as a whole. Specialty procedure carts effectively and safely store each piece of equipment so that it is accessible and on hand immediately.

The EVERHUTCH procedure cart is available as a pre-configured cart, specialty cart, code cart, or anesthesia cart, with the option to add on accessories and equipment tailored to the needs of the setting. Also available in two widths and four heights, an EVERHUTCH cart will fit into any setting with ease, even when space is limited.

2. Maneuverability

EVERHUTCH carts are completely maneuverable on strong, steel swivel caster wheels, which are fully lockable. This allows them to be moved directly to the point of care or even across different departments, ensuring that all necessary equipment is immediately accessible and ready to use. They can easily be adapted and transferred for cross-departmental use, ensuring a long-term, cost-effective solution. The need for multiple procedure cart options is eliminated and stock inventory is streamlined.

3. Add-on UV-CLEAN

UV-CLEAN by Proximity is available as an add-on, which provides the highest level of sterilization using state-of-the-art, automated, no-touch UV light disinfection. This ensures that sterile equipment is always ready for use, with an impressive 99.9% of germs and bacteria neutralized with minimum output and time spent by staff. A cart with UV-CLEAN can be positioned at the point of care delivery, with all necessary supplies sterile and accessible.

To Conclude

The responsibilities of caregivers and healthcare staff have never been higher, with space, time, and budgets all under pressure. Developing working areas that are easy to navigate, access and maintain saves valuable time when working in busy departments while ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care and attention.