The Importance of Efficiently Designed Prep and Pack Workspaces

Everhutch 30 Oct 2022

As one of the most-used items in every medical setting, prep and pack workstations need to be carefully designed to optimize both space and functionality. The right prep and pack workstation in every healthcare environment will help to ensure spaces remain free from clutter and enhance the usability of every part of the facility.

Here are just a few ways in which prep and pack workstations can make a positive difference to healthcare settings and how EVERHUTCH solutions are optimized to meet the needs of even the busiest healthcare environments.

Every Prep and Pack workstation needs to be sized for each space

Every medical, healthcare and care-giving setting needs to maximize its available space to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care and that staff can consistently provide high quality experiences within a safe environment. All prep and pack workstations in your healthcare facility should be sized to fit in order to properly ensure that it neither takes up too much valuable space nor is too small to function in the ways you need it to.

EVERHUTCH workstations are available in several different sizes, with options to suit both compact and more spacious environments alike.

Workstations must promote first class infection control

Every piece of equipment in healthcare settings is required to be easy to clean to prevent the spread of infection and bacteria. In addition to ensuring that surfaces are durable enough to withstand frequent disinfection without compromising on their integrity, equipment should not contain impossible to reach areas that can’t be thoroughly cleaned.

The EVERHUTCH workstation is available in two work surface options: Kemresin Epoxy Resin and stainless steel. Both options are durable and designed to promote optimal infection control procedures, enhancing patient and staff safety in the process.

Workstations Should Be Ergonomically Designed for Optimal Versatility

Ergonomically designed workstations ensure that these key spaces work for all members of the team, regardless of their body type. The EVERHUTCH station is equipped with a powered bench the PREP PACK POWER with 92 inch uprights as standard, which offers a height range that can be set anywhere between 28 and 44 inches.

Additionally, integrated swivel locking casters ensure that the station can be moved with ease and locked into place wherever it is required.

Workspaces Should Comfortably House Key Equipment with Ease

Modular workspaces can be configured to suit the unique needs of every healthcare setting, allowing staff to organize the key pieces of equipment and tools needed to perform their roles efficiently and at the highest level. In addition to plenty of work surface area, EVERHUTCH stations are equipped with a power strip complete with hospital-grade power outlets, an overhead LED light, and a bin bar. Each station also has several shelves allowing for optimal organization and a lockable box drawer for safety and security. For more accessories click here

An efficiently designed workstation will vastly improve workplace efficiency, allowing caregivers to excel in their roles without being negatively impacted by poorly designed working environments.