The Best Ways To Use An EVERHUTCH Procedure Cart

Everhutch 3 Nov 2022

The EVERHUTCH procedure cart is part of a fully configurable cart collection and has been designed with both patient and caregiver needs in mind. This versatile piece of equipment can be adapted to suit a vast range of care-giving settings, including emergency rooms, operating rooms, and isolation rooms.

Promote Infection Control with an EVERHUTCH Procedure Cart

Procedure carts can be pre-configured into dedicated isolation carts, which are designed to mitigate the spread of infection and bacteria between rooms and patients. This cart configuration is equipped with PPE holders and designed with a full-body welded construction that is easy to clean.

Procedure carts can also be equipped with a no-touch UV-C light, which uses ultraviolet disinfection technology to inactivate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria safely and efficiently. This can be a particularly valuable addition, particularly in busy care-giving settings.

The Value of a Dedicated Anesthesia Cart

EVERHUTCH procedure carts can also be configured as anesthesia carts, which allow for the easy organization of needles, oxygen masks, tracheal tubes, syringes and more. This cart configuration is equipped with a glove box holder, waste bin and sharps box, ensuring that everything an anesthesiologist will need is within easy reach.

The Importance of a Maneuverable Emergency Cart

The red finish ensures that the EVERHUTCH emergency cart is clearly visible, even in large-scale emergency room settings. This cart is configured with everything from oxygen holders to a sharps box, IV pole, and a defibrillator shelf. The drawers are designed to hold every piece of life support equipment emergency teams might need, including life-saving medications and intubation equipment.

Keep Items Safe and Secure

From emergency departments and urgent care settings to extended care facilities, rehab and psychiatric environments, physician offices and dental care settings, caregivers in a range of environments require the ability to keep controlled items such as medication safe and secure. EVERHUTCH carts can be equipped with a range of locking mechanisms, including key locks, electronic keypads, and proximity card readers, each of which are best suited to particular caregiving settings. This level of versatility ensures that patients receive the best possible care in a safe and secure environment at all times.

Accessorize to Suit your Care-giving Setting

Customizable carts can be adapted in a vast number of ways, with accessories to support equipment management, workflows, and more. The EVERHUTCH equipment management rail system is designed to deliver flexibility and maximizes space in compact environments.

In addition to tilt bins for effective organization, carts can also be equipped with utensil cups, hooks, glove boxes, and both fixed and flip-up shelves. Monitors can also be mounted onto carts with articulating and swing arms, with a simple cord cleat covering all cable management for optimal safety.

From chart holders to multi-outlet power strips, it is possible to equip an EVERHUTCH cart with every accessory you can possibly think of to improve the organization and efficiency of your care-giving setting, which makes EVERHUTCH the smart choice for your healthcare team.