How A Procedure Back Table Bench Can Manage Storage

Everhutch 10 Nov 2022

Medical, healthcare and caregiving spaces need to be versatile and organized in order to meet the varied needs of both patients and staff. Ensuring that your space is equipped with the most effective storage solutions can make a significant difference to the efficiency and overall experience you are able to deliver every single day, which is why making the right decisions from the outset is so important.

EVERHUTCH designs, engineers and manufacturers optimized pieces of equipment specifically focused upon healthcare spaces, allowing teams to make the most out of their environment to positively enhance patient outcomes.

The EVERHUTCH procedure back-table bench allows caregivers to ensure that surgical supplies and vital medical equipment are delivered to the point of care. In addition to maximizing space within even the most compact caregiving environments, this key piece of storage equipment can help teams enhance their efficiency and improve patient experiences.

Procedure back table, now with secure storage = CORE BENCH

Key Features of the Procedure Back Table Bench

Constructed from cold-rolled steel for maximum durability, the procedure back table bench benefits from stainless steel and phenolic tops and locking casters, all of which are easy to keep clean with no nooks for bacteria or infectious material to build up.

The swivel casters allow for full ease of movement and the locking capabilities ensure that the table bench can be kept in place when required. Push handles can also be added onto one or both sides to enhance the table’s range of movement further.

Procedure table benches can be equipped with a range of different locking systems, including keyed locks, electronic keypads, and proximity card readers. This allows caregivers to ensure all equipment is stored safely and securely at all times, protecting both staff and patients in the process.

Improve Storage in Medical and Healthcare Settings

One of the most widely appealing features of EVERHUTCH procedure table benches is that they can be configured with a range of different storage options, which can be arranged to suit the unique needs of your caregiving environment.

The CORE BENCH forms the basis of procedure table benches and is designed specifically to meet the demanding and varied needs of healthcare environments. The interior of each table bench can be fully customized to include everything from disposables to peel packs, surgical equipment, and much more.

Trays, shelves and baskets can be arranged in numerous different height combinations, with multi-angle options also available to aid workflows and ensure patients receive treatment as efficiently as possible. Tray stop systems can be added to the configuration along with basket dividers, label holders, cards, and catheter racks. Accessories such as sharps boxes can be added too, which ensure this core piece of equipment can have numerous applications throughout your caregiving setting.

From small medical centers to busy emergency departments, storage solutions need to be multi-functional, easy to maneuver and fully optimized to the needs of each team. Opting for this vital element of your caregiving space from the outset will allow you to deliver the first-class experiences your patients deserve.