Advantages of an Adjustable Procedure Workbench in Medical Facilities

Everhutch 26 Feb 2023

In an era where both time and budget constraints are increasingly important in USA health care settings, it is vital that purchases for medical providers are both cost effective and serve to assist in better allocation of resources and time management. Storage spaces in medical facilities are at a premium and making intelligent decisions on organization and storage ensures that areas dealing with clinical care can be used more effectively and easily.

Advantages of an adjustable procedure workbench in the USA

The EVERHUTCH CORE procedure workbench is a multi-functional, completely versatile, and adaptable piece of medical equipment that optimizes storage space in medical facilities and maximizes procedure efficiency.

Procedure workbenches are completely transportable with push handles. They are on fully lockable caster wheels, ensuring less time is spent searching out equipment and supplies. Instead, the unit can be taken directly to the patient at the exact point of care. Multi-angle trays, shelves and baskets mean that supplies are easily viewable, making them not only easy to access at the point of care, but easier to keep suitably stocked for inventory control purposes. Trays are available in a range of depths, so even bulkier items can be stored with ease.

Workbenches are also fully customizable with a vast range of configuration and storage options that can be designed to suit the needs of specific settings. In addition, the workbench can easily be repurposed for alternative departments as and when required, and the existing configuration adjusted to suit. There is no need to re-purchase costly equipment on a regular basis; the CORE procedure workbench has longevity and can be repurposed as required. Whether the procedure workbench is to be used in a surgical, laboratory, medical or clinical setting, it can be designed for optimum storage and efficiency.

Workbenches are fully secure with electronic lock and keypad access options, ensuring that even medications, drugs and sterile supplies can be kept immediately to hand. The workbench removes the need to move between storage, procedure, and patient areas. Every item can be taken directly to the point of care delivery, meaning that more time is spent with the patient.

Sterile supplies can be kept safe and stored in accordance with best practice policies, ensuring that there is no wastage or cross contamination.

Where can I purchase a procedure workbench in the USA

EVERHUTCH specializes in making products specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Utilizing technology from Kewaunee, a North-Carolina-based global expert in the field of designing and manufacturing medical supplies, all products are made under one roof, from start to completion, all in the USA.

EVERHUTCH supplies an adjustable procedure workbench, the CORE BENCH, which is completely versatile and compatible with components from the CORE CART range. All equipment from EVERHUTCH is fully compliant with ISO 3394 standards. Complete with solid, thick, .75″ Phenolic or Stainless-Steel worktops, and constructed from 20ga cold-rolled steel. The equipment is easy to keep clean and maintain, while adhering to strict infection control standards.