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Kinds of Specialty Medical Carts

Rebecca Nagy 27 Sep 2021

The delivery of quality healthcare depends on easy access to the right instruments and supplies. Specialty mobile medical carts and medical storage cabinets are at the front lines of this access. From emergency carts to isolation carts, EVERHUTCH offers a wide selection of medical and procedure carts to meet any acute storage need.

EVERHUTCH empowers clinicians with everything at their fingertips with fully configurable medical carts designed to promote efficient medical storage and organization. EVERHUTCH offers proven lock systems, custom configurations, handy accessories, and multiple sizes. EVERHUTCH drawers and trays were manufactured in the same sizes as many on the market. This makes switching to EVERHUTCH and crash cart setup simple. Standard trays already on the market can easily be transferred into EVERHUTCH products, keeping drawer setup and protocols standard in your healthcare facility. Acute care storage with these steel crash carts set up a healthcare facility with reliable healthcare supplies cart for years to come.

specialty carts

Modern medication storage and organization benefits from a sleek, configurable medication cart with maximum capacity, durable construction, and premium workflow accessories. These requirements come standard with every EVERHUTCH medication cart. The design of this cart seeks to make the tasks of healthcare workers more efficient and to maximize time for patient care. EVERHUTCH durable mobile carts easily accommodate the needs of any department in the healthcare space.

EVERHUTCH specialty carts are available preconfigured for use as a code cart, anesthesia cart, procedure cart or isolation cart. The durable steel cart safely and securely stores all of the essentials. Effectively organize each piece of equipment or medication. Spend less time searching for equipment and more time treating patients.

Learn more about the types of carts EVERHUTCH offers preconfigured.

emergency cart

The EVERHUTCH code cart is equipped with an IV pole, suction cup mount kit, wire metal oxygen holder, defibrillator shelf, and sharps box and rail mount. This emergency cart comes with red drawer fronts to help staff quickly designate and locate code carts in an emergency when time is of the essence. Hospital crash carts safely and efficiently store medications, intubation equipment, syringes, or gloves.

procedure cart

This procedure cart is ideal for all nursing functions and activities. Configure this cart to your specifications to hold all of the items necessary including an IV start kit, medications and gloves. EVERHUTCH accessories on this cart configuration include a sharps box and rail mount, waste bin, flip-up or fixed writing surface, and wire basket.

anesthesia cart

These anesthesia carts are configured for use in any situation that may require a patient to undergo anesthesia. The drawer configurations are optimized for supplies needed by anesthesiologists during procedures including syringes, needles, oxygen masks, and tracheal tubes. EVERHUTCH accessories included on this cart include a sharps box, waste bin, and horizontal glove box holder.

isolation cart

Infection control is one of the most important aspects in hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare environments. Isolation carts mitigate the spread of bacteria and infections between patients and rooms. These infection control carts come equipped with a glove box holder to provide hospital staff with personal protective equipment to keep themselves and patients safe. This isolation cart can be easily cleaned and moved to the next patient room as a result of the infection control features of every EVERHUTCH product.

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