Importance of procedure cabinet for critical care services

Everhutch 10 Dec 2022

The procedure cabinet is a simultaneously utilitarian, yet adaptable and esthetically pleasing addition to any healthcare setting, whether it is a busy outpatient department, a chaotic emergency room or a fast-moving ward environment. This is especially the case in the demanding and target-focused environment of critical care, where it is absolutely vital to be able to access medical or surgical equipment quickly and easily without any delays that could have a negative impact on a patient’s care.

Procedure cabinet versatility

These clever cabinets can be configured to perfectly and intuitively meet the needs of your service, with customized internal storage arrangements tailored to the intended contents of the cabinet. With adjustable catheter racks, and reconfigurable trays, baskets, shelves and dividers, your medical or surgical equipment can be stored in an easily accessible fashion, however you desire.

The size of the trays and baskets can be varied in EVERHUTCH models too, and internal dividers can even be placed to subdivide the internal storage space. Depending on how much internal storage space you need, the cabinet can be constructed with single, double or triple bays. The sloped top cap on the cabinet serves a double purpose, giving the cabinet a sleek, modern look but also conferring the practical quality of preventing the accumulation of clutter and debris, such as boxes, being stored on top of the cabinet, which would potentially cause a health and safety hazard.


Any equipment on the front line of the fast-paced and sometimes chaotic environment of critical care services needs to be able to withstand the pace! EVERHUTCH cabinets are crafted from very strong powder-coated steel that makes them easy to wipe clean, as well as ensuring they are extremely durable. Tempered glass doors and brushed aluminum handles finish off the modern look as well as providing further high level security and safety for the contents. Multiple lock options, including a keyed lock or electronic key pads on the cabinet, make it secure from theft or vandalism and ensure that only authorized staff members can access the contents.


Despite being a large, heavy piece of storage furniture, the cabinet is surprisingly easy to maneuver by its two side handles, gliding rapidly and effortlessly on its four large swivel locking casters to wherever you need it to be.


The cabinet is a vital piece of equipment that any ward or department delivering critical care services should seriously consider investing in. The EVERHUTCH cabinet is tough, ensuring it will serve your department faithfully for many years. The maneuverability means the cabinet can be easily moved whenever necessary and ensures that you have a huge range of equipment at your fingertips at times of emergency. The intelligent, reconfigurable internal storage makes it easy to locate the items you are looking for in a hurry.

Procedure cabinets bring the equipment to you – rather than you having to go looking for medical or surgical items every time you stabilize a patient or undertake a procedure.