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4 types of storage solutions in hospitals for smooth operation

Everhutch 15 Dec 2022

Busy medical and healthcare settings require excellent organizational and storage solutions to ensure that every patient experience is as positive as possible. There are a variety of storage solutions available that can help teams to streamline their workflow. Here is a brief overview of some of the options available.

Medical Procedure Carts

Medical procedure carts can be configured and customized in a variety of different ways, allowing them to be fully tailored to different environments. In addition to coming in several different widths, carts can be equipped with features that ensure they are ideally suited to emergency rooms, isolation rooms, nursing procedures, and environments that require the presence of an anesthetist.

EVERHUTCH medical procedure carts, for example, can be equipped with an array of features using an integrated rail management system, including a range of locking systems, sharps bins, utensil cups, glove box holders, oxygen holders, and mounted monitors.

Procedure Cabinets

Procedure carts are just as customizable and offer additional storage and organizational space that is suitable for a range of different hospital environments. EVERHUTCH procedure cabinets can also be equipped with a range of locking options for optimal security and safety, and are mounted on sturdy casters that allow for maximum ease of movement even in compact spaces.

In addition to trays, shelves and baskets, procedure cabinets can also be equipped with interior dividers, which further increase the storage potential of this highly versatile piece of storage equipment.

Procedure Workbenches and Utility Carts

Procedure workbenches easily and efficiently deliver essential supplies directly to the point of care, with the ability to safely store a wide variety of equipment in multi-angle baskets, shelves and trays. CORE WORKBENCH by EVERHUTCH combines an operating back table function with procedure cart secure storage underneath, maximizing your storage potential.

Similarly, utility carts are available in a range of different configurations, with everything from single door options to double stack five-drawer solutions. Different heights are also available, with options for both standing and sitting arrangements, which means that certain models can be nested beneath work desks in environments where floor space is limited.

Prep and Pack Workstations

Prep and pack workstations are substantial pieces of storage equipment, which can be configured to ergonomically suit a range of heights and body types. The modular design allows for a good level of flexibility and includes everything from shelves to drawers and worktops with a generous surface area. Additional storage options, such as utility carts, can be nested underneath the main work surface to provide even more flexibility.

Durable, Flexible and Sanitary

Crucially, all hospital storage solutions must be constructed from durable materials that support comprehensive infection control procedures. The best examples are made from rolled, powder coated steel, which reduces the number of crevices in which bacteria and viruses could collect. It is also possible to use UV-C light to disinfect these high-touch surfaces, which will inactivate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Hospital storage solutions are also required to be highly flexible and moveable, which is why the highest quality examples are fitted with streamlined swivel casters that can be easily locked in place when required.