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Maximize ROI in healthcare industry with EVERHUTCH storage solutions

Everhutch 18 Nov 2022

It is crucial that any expenditure made within a hospital or healthcare setting, offers maximum value and return on initial outlay. There is a continuous need within healthcare settings to meet ever increasing high standards, with decreasing resources and tighter budgets.

When accounting for the high costs involved in purchasing, unused equipment that sits idle, equates to overspending and budget mismanagement. Equipment and storage solutions are assets, and assets that are not fully utilized are equal to capital that is being wasted. It is imperative that hospital storage solutions have a high rate of usability and function to prevent waste, offer value per cost of purchase and furthermore, offer longevity for maximum return on investment.

How can EVERHUTCH help?

EVERHUTCH storage solutions are highly adaptable and flexible, suited to both clinical lab spaces and modern hospital settings. The benefits of having equipment that works in a range of areas means that the utilization of the equipment is higher, resulting in a more cost- effective purchase and a maximized return on investment against initial outlay costs.

It is crucial that clinicians working within healthcare settings have access to equipment that is simple, accessible and functional, so that their time can be concentrated on delivering high quality patient care. The standards that a clinician offers correlate directly with the equipment they use. This high level of patient care equates to further investment and generated revenue. Our products are fully adaptable. There is no need to resign older equipment and start from scratch: The components of our products are compatible with equipment from other market providers, meaning that there is no need to replace whole systems.

Our products are also versatile enough to be used across a range of departments and wards, with tailored configurations and design options. There is no need for the wasteful purchase of hospital storage solutions that cannot meet the needs of varying departments or brake over a short time. The options available at EVERHUTCH are adaptable pieces that can be transferred easily across different clinical settings, resulting in a more budget-wise purchase with the bonus of eliminating needless expenditure.

Return on investment can also be maximized by using equipment and storage solutions of a higher quality and durability. EVERHUTCH draws on the scientific expertise delivered by Kewaunee, a recognized global leader in design, manufacture, and installation. The purchasing of high-quality solutions minimizes the risk of frequent and costly maintenance expenditure.

This cost-effective, yet highly customizable system results in better spending, higher return on investment with a reduction in waste. Resources and time are freed up, resulting in improved budget management.