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Innovative Features to Look for in Modern Emergency Carts

Everhutch 17 Nov 2023

Emergency carts are an essential part of healthcare settings. Sometimes they are instrumental in saving a patient’s life. That means it is important that they are designed with all the best features and equipment. There is a constant quest to update modern emergency carts so they can be as effective as possible, with new innovations being trialled constantly to reflect developments in understanding and technology.

What is an emergency cart?

A variety of different procedure carts are available for different healthcare environments depending on their purpose. Some are designed for general use; others are specialized for anaesthesia or for isolation areas. Then there is the emergency cart, also called the crash cart or code cart, which is there for an emergency in which someone’s heart stops and they need urgent resuscitation. You can recognize a crash cart by its red color and the presence of vital equipment, including defibrillators.

Modern emergency carts features


Some features in modern crash carts will be similar to those in other forms of procedure carts. For example, rolled steel is a preferred material because it is sturdy and resilient, able to cope with bumps, scrapes and the occasional collisions of a hectic medical environment, but it also has a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean. Welded together, the steel leaves no gaps for infectious material to accumulate. Cleanliness will always be a priority in any medical setting, and improved infection control and hygiene measures are among some of the most important modern innovations.

Special powder coatings, rather than the traditional liquid paint, tend to be used, not just to ensure that the cart is the appropriate red color, but also that it has a durable finish. Applied with an electrostatic process, these coatings last longer than paint and are more environmentally friendly, another key concern in the modern world.


Whilst the basics of emergency carts may remain the same, you never know when you are going to need to add or remove equipment or when they need to be adapted to account for further process improvements. This requires adjustable features, such as removable drawers or a rail to slide various items on or off as needed. When adding a new code cart to your healthcare setup, make sure the adaptability of the carts is high. Everhutch offers such adaptable, highly compatible emergency carts.


Technology has led to major advancements in security in a variety of settings, including in the healthcare world. So, emergency carts are not an exception. You are no longer exclusively reliant on manual keys for the carts that can be lost, stolen or copied if you want to keep drugs and sharp implements away from potential thieves. Providers can now choose between multiple locking options, whether the traditional key, a numerical keypad, a proximity card reader or a combination of different methods, depending on what will be easy and effective for your staff.

These are just a few of the ways in which improved knowledge and technological development are being used to improve medical carts, ensuring that they are able to provide the best service to patients, and can be used safely and effectively by staff. Regular new innovations in everything from materials to hygiene to security mean there is likely to be even more progress in years to come, and providers will wish to stay aware of the latest developments.

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