How to purchase Hospital Storage Equipment efficiently?

Everhutch 2 Jan 2023

It is essential to consider how cost-effective a purchase really is. The initial expenditure must be reconciled with the number of years of usage that it will provide. This calculation is paramount when acquiring any equipment, especially given the ever-increasing demands placed on the financial resources of healthcare providers. Purchased equipment is now expected to deliver more, be easier to use and to deliver a longer life span.

EVERHUTCH hospital storage solutions and equipment embody world-class manufacturing and design expertise from Kewaunee. Built from high-quality and long-lasting materials, each product is designed to be hard-wearing and to withstand the demands and workflow in even the busiest departments. Every product is built to ensure that repair and maintenance requirements are minimized while the product life span is optimized, resulting in a more cost-effective and financially attractive solution.

What makes for an efficient hospital storage solution purchase?

Key purchasing decisions regarding the efficient acquisition of any equipment should include considering how usable in practice the product really is. Storage that can be kept clean, sterile and safe is non-negotiable. Equipment that is easy to sterilize and deep clean increases overall productivity, freeing medical staff to focus on delivering patient outcomes. The EVERHUTCH range includes options for state-of-the-art, non-touch UV-C light disinfection, playing an important part in both infection control and minimizing sterilization time.

For medical facilities looking for storage solutions, equipment should be as flexible as possible and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the organization. Storage solutions must be flexible to suit the space requirements of different departments. Modular storage that can be turned into bespoke workspaces offers greater value and utility. An effective purchase is one that will not be retired to deep storage or discarded with every change of workspace.

Hospital storage solutions that are moveable make the transfer of equipment easier to manage. Height-adjustable workstations provide greater ease of use. These workstations can be customized to include fully lockable drawers, sharps, disposal bins, and emergency room equipment – the things that may be needed quickly and with easy access. EVERHUTCH storage solutions include specific facilities for defibrillation, intubation, anesthesia, and other essentials. Storage rails, overhead lighting and power outlets mean that the workspace can be used with ease and efficiency, so staff can fulfill their roles without overly complex or hard-to-navigate work areas. Easy access to procedural essentials means that staffs are able to perform optimally.

How can EVERHUTCH help with hospital storage solutions?

EVERHUTCH hospital storage solutions include a streamlined collection of products with fully customizable configurations. There is no requirement to buy multiple variants of complicated storage solutions that are not sufficiently flexible for usage across differing departments. EVERHUTCH delivers products with adaptability, durability and longevity, making them sensible inventory choices. Our equipment is fully flexible and movable and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of clinical laboratories, hospitals and patient care settings. Equipment and storage is easy to order, simple to use and cost-effective to maintain. It enhances safety, clinical staff productivity and supports better patient outcomes.