5 Effective ways to organize a medical supply room

Everhutch 30 Dec 2022

Having medical supplies on hand, directly available to staff at the point of care, makes for a more organized and productive department, as well as ensuring that staff are utilizing their time effectively. An effective storage solution for supplies including procedure back-table workbench ensures that all necessary equipment is to hand and that space within the department is optimized.

What are five key benefits of the back-table procedure workbench?

1. Ensuring good hygiene and infection control practices:

EVERHUTCH workbenches are available with stainless steel or Kemresin epoxy resin worktops, in a smooth and durable 1” thickness. This optimizes infection control and ensures good practice is maintained in even the busiest of departments. Ease of cleaning maintains hygiene standards and means less time being spent on the maintenance of equipment and more time spent on patient care. The procedure workbench can be sanitized with ease, even down to its smooth roll casters.

2. A bench that is fully transportable:

EVERHUTCH workbenches come in a 20ga cold-rolled stainless-steel construction, made to withstand usage and wear in even the highest traffic areas. Fully lockable swivel casters mean that the back-table procedure bench can be easily moved to any area required so that it is always on hand at the point of care. Storage opportunities can be maximized by making use of any available space, as the unit can be easily stored and transported. Should space requirements changes, the back-table bench can be configured to suit. Sturdy stainless steel push handles make for ergonomically sound movement. The procedure bench can be moved to the exact point where care is being delivered, rather than staff spending time seeking out supplies.

3. Ensuring that supplies are easily accessible and safely stored:

Multi-angle trays, shelves and baskets mean that essentials can be stored in easy view and with rapid access. Less time spent looking for equipment and supplies that have been stored in a haphazard manner means more time spent delivering care. Multi-depths of trays and baskets ensure that everything has space for safe storage, regardless of size or volume. Organization of supplies means that stock control and inventory is easier to carry out and can be replenished as and when required.

4. Ensuring adequate storage of sterile supplies:

Sterile supplies can be safely stored in appropriately closed workbenches meaning that handling is kept to a minimum, retaining the integrity and sterility of supplies and equipment in accordance with regulations. Easy access to the required sterile equipment simplifies inventory planning and minimizes any delay when needing to treat patients in emergency situations.

5. Offering secure storage:

Fully lockable storage and keypad controlled security means that even items such as sharps, medications or defibrillation equipment can be stored securely whilst still being easily accessible to medical staff, even in time critical situations. Staff members can be designated key holders, ensuring that there is a point of contact for stock control purposes.


Procedure back-table workbench in medical supply rooms help you organize in an efficient and functional way so that you can store, peel packs, disposables, and other essentials right where you need them, at the point of care.