STATCART Features and Benefits

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cleaning rail of accessory cart

Infection control with efficient cleaning

cleaning drawer of medical cart Patients are at their most vulnerable state while recovering from either an illness or surgery. In order to keep both patients and healthcare staff safe and healthy, infection control is a critical aspect of healthcare storage products. Infection control is more important now than ever. Thoughtfully crafted to eliminate needless extrusions and holes that often arise from prefabricated items, cleaning the crash cart is a breeze. EVERHUTCH crash carts come with multiple options of removable drawer trays for easy cleaning. An added bonus: these trays fit many existing carts currently on the market. So you can upgrade your cart without changing crash cart protocol.

multiple lock options on medical cart

Secure your equipment, easy upgrades

removing top on medical cartEmergency carts play a critical role in any hospital or surgery center. It’s crucial that these procedure carts are secure and fully stocked at any second of the day. A secure crash cart is essential to ensure all of the essentials are ready to be used at a moment’s notice. That’s why EVERHUTCH offers multiple locking options for this procedure cart along with other EVERHUTCH products including the procedure cabinets and utility carts. Available with multiple lock options including a keyed lock, electronic keypad, and electronic keypad with proximity card reader. The locking system can also be set up to offer dual credential unlocking. STATCART is delivered with the ability to install any of these options, making it possible to upgrade your security system without purchasing an entirely new cart.

Build your perfect crash cart

top of medical crash cart

Paladin accessory basketAvailable in different sizes and widths, STATCART crash carts can be utilized in any department or healthcare application. Build the Configure your cart with just a click on Paladin‘s double-sided sealed rail system. Thanks to the adaptability of its components, this system allows customers to find the optimal solution to answer specific needs. With a wide array of options, configure your STATCART to work in any room or department. You can set up an emergency cart for a variety of specialties including anesthesiology, cardiology, the emergency room, radiology, or any other setting.